• EIGE's Gender Equality Forum 2022 Chair Statement launched

    Today the Chair of the Gender Equality Forum 2022, Carlien Scheele, presents her Chair Statement. This document paves a path towards EIGE’s and the wider gender equality community's future challenges, from how crisis and gender-based violence meet, to the twin challenges of the green and digital transition and the ongoing need for desegregated data addressing intersecting inequalities.

    EIGE Gender Equality Forum 2022
  • Amid crises and rising inequalities, legislation needs gender perspective 

    For the first time ever, EIGE’s Gender Equality Index shows signs of a worsening situation for women in many areas of work and home life. By addressing these rising inequalities today, we can build a stronger economy that benefits everyone, regardless of gender.

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  • Recordings of the EIGE’s Gender Equality Forum now available!

    The Forum’s programme was rich with various sessions covering topics ranging from the importance of data and research in policy making to the intersection of crisis and gender-based violence to gender-responsive public procurement and the invaluable voices of the youth.

  • #EGEF2022: And now the work continues!

    EIGE’s first-ever Gender Equality Forum came to a close on 25 th October. EIGE launched its Gender Equality Index 2022 and many inspiring sessions and workshops were organised at the Forum. Gender equality advocates, EU and national policy makers, experts and many others shared their expertise and exchanged views on the most pressing issues affecting progress in gender equality. Many...

    EIGE's Director discussing with forum participants
  • 65 years of milestones show the way ahead to a more gender equal Europe 

    “You can’t really know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been,” said poet Maya Angelou. EIGE today launches its paper on the evolution of the EU’s policy and legal approaches to gender equality. It provides context to help make future policies work.

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  • Gender Equality Index 2022: Gender Equality under Threat, Specific Groups Hardest Hit

    The freshly launched Gender Equality Index 2022 reveals that progress continues at a snails' pace, with a mere 0.6-point increase since last year's edition. The scores present strong warning signs amid continued uncertainty and turmoil.

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  • GRPP: Four letters can unlock €2 trillion to accelerate our drive towards gender equality

    Each year the EU spends 14% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on public works, from building projects to social infrastructure. Smart targeting of that €2 trillion in public funds and considering how it impacts the lives of both women and men is the essence of Gender-responsive public procurement, or GRPP.

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  • Three steps forward towards an equal sharing of unpaid care

    Today, one-in-three people across the EU are unpaid informal carers for family members or friends in need due to health problems and/or disability, according to EIGE’s upcoming Gender Equality Index report.

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  • EU Justice and Home Affairs agencies present concrete actions in support of Ukraine

    The European Union agencies active in the field of justice and home affairs issue a joint paper on their contribution to the EU’s solidarity with Ukraine. Since the start of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine, the EU Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) agencies ( CEPOL, EIGE, EMCDDA, EUAA, eu-LISA, Eurojust, Europol, FRA and Frontex) have been supporting EU Member...

  • How Spain and the EU can take steps forward for gender equality

    We need to move forward faster Progressive new policies are helping improve gender equality for the people of Spain. But the country’s leading voice on women’s rights admits, “we need to move forward faster.” Now we all share concerns over economic hardships leading to increased risks of poverty and job insecurity. Still, today in Spain women also assume most of...

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