Gender Mainstreaming


EIGE’s Gender Mainstreaming Platform is a result of projects coordinated by the Gender Mainstreaming Team of the European Institute for Gender Equality. The work published here represents a joint effort of the EIGE Gender Mainstreaming Team and various experts and contractors who contributed in varying degrees to different sections of the Platform: Catarina Arnaut, Davide Barbieri, Daria Broglio, Irene Dankelman, Marianne Dauvellier, Jane Dennehy, Aleksandra Duda, Lucy Ferguson, Elena Ferrari, Maxime Forest, Katia Frangoudes, Regina Frey, Pat Irving, Manuela Samek Lodovici, Daniela Loi, Lin McDevitt-Pugh, Katerina Mantouvalou, Lut Mergaert, Siobán O’Brien Green, Nicola Orlando, Thera van Osch, Flavia Pesce, Irene Pimminger, Sheila Quinn, Cristina Radoi, Alide Roerink, Lenka Simerska, Cristina Vasilescu, Nathalie Wuiame and Margherita Sofia Zambelli.

EIGE would also like to thank its Experts’ Forum Members, Members from the Gender Mainstreaming Thematic Network and the European Commission who have contributed to a large extent with their expertise, ideas and feedback.