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Today, EIGE launches its #3StepsForward campaign for 2023. We call for policy and decision-makers to deliver a fair, green and inclusive future, where no one is left behind.

The European Green Deal is a commitment to future generations that mobilises at least €1 trillion in investments over the next ten years.

It is also an opportunity for us all to better understand the links between climate change and gender equality.


A sustainable future means that no one is left behind
Some groups of people will be hit hard by climate change. And they risk being hit harder by climate policy if it's not inclusive and fair. The green transition can only hold its promise of becoming just and gender-equal if it takes existing gender gaps and intersectionality into account. 

EIGE’s Gender Equality Index is the right tool for that.

The climate revolution we need can only be powered by representation and diversity
Embracing inclusion is a proven catalyst for positive change. More women and diverse representation at work and in top positions pioneers new solutions for a greener, fairer world.

EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database provides the data and the analysis.

A successful green transition requires us all to play an active part 
We each have a part to play - at personal and societal levels. This means acting against existing gender stereotypes, which hold us back from fulfilling our potential. More women in renewable energy, more equal share of recycling responsibilities at home, more gender balance in environmental decision-making, and safer sustainable public transport. These are just a few areas in which gender-sensitive environmental policies can make a difference, creating a space free from gender stereotypes, in which both women and men can thrive.

EIGE’s gender mainstreaming toolkits provide the tools for climate action. 

What will EIGE do?

Our campaign embraces a future where policy responds to the different lived experiences of women and men, unlocking the benefits of diversity while surfacing new skills and talents.

We aim to take three steps: from evidence to meaningful conversations that ultimately lead to meaningful action.

Throughout our campaign, we will provide evidence about the links between climate change and gender equality. And we invite you to spread the news. 

EIGE’s Gender Equality Index 2023, published on October 24, will focus on the theme of gender equality and the socially fair transition of the European Green Deal.

We will host two webinars focusing on sectors that would benefit most from green and gender-equal transition: Transport and Energy. Secure your place today.

Our upcoming statistical note on women in decision-making will reinforce the importance of gender balance to successful leadership.

Ensuring a representation of at least 40% of each sex, at all levels, helps to solve the most complex challenges – like climate change.

Throughout the campaign, we will also engage in conversations, asking policymakers and experts to share their #3StepsForward for a green and gender-equal Europe.

We will also provide gender-mainstreaming tools and fact-based advice to help policymakers deliver a Green Deal that works for everyone.

Our Gender Budgeting and Gender-responsive Public Procurement toolkits are just two of the many we already offer to help make gender mainstreaming a reality. More toolkits will be added throughout the year.

How can you contribute?

This website will be continuously updated so you can follow our progress towards a green and gender-equal Europe. 

Come back for news and info on best practices, upcoming events and webinars. Share these updates with your colleagues or contacts, and invite them to join the conversation.

The #3StepsForward campaign encourages engagement with and action from practitioners and policymakers from the EU to the national level.

Together, we can commit to actions that mainstream gender in climate action, and thus ensure that indeed no one is left behind.

Now, are you ready to play your part?