• EIGE Gender Equality Forum 2024: Save the Date and Subscribe to Updates

    Get ready for the 2nd Gender Equality Forum, December 10-11! Join coalitions and conversations shaping the future of gender equality in Europe. Explore key themes: gender equality assessment and tackling gender-based violence. Follow #EGEF2024 for updates on this hybrid event.

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  • CSW68 newsfeed – Director Carlien Scheele shares reflections from New York

    The 68th annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW68) convenes in New York, bringing together government officials, civil society organisations, experts, and activists from around the world. The aim: to agree on actions and investments that eradicate poverty and advance gender equality.

    Illustration of women of different backgrounds and professions walking towards the same direction
  • How Will You Shape the Future of Gender Equality?

    On International Women’s Day, the European Institute for Gender Equality sets out a vision for gender equality in 2030. With Elections for the European Parliament approaching, experts urge for active participation in shaping a future where women's rights are central to policymaking and societal progress.

    Illustration of six women of different ethnicities standing together
  • COP28 and beyond: Five tips for gender-inclusive climate reporting

    Hectares of newsprint and hours of screentime are dedicated to COP28. It’s little surprise as the calls for action on climate change and gender equality grow ever more urgent. “Good journalism is crucial for raising awareness,” says Dennis Van Der Veur, EIGE’s Head of Outreach and Engagement.

    Image from COP 28
  • Gender equality @ COP28: a newsfeed

    EIGE is attending COP28 to highlight the connection between gender equality and the environment. And to raise awareness about the need to incorporate a gender perspective into climate-related policies. Follow along as Dennis Van Der Veur, EIGE's Head of Outreach and Engagement, shares his insights in regular updates in this newsfeed. 14/12/2023: COP28 has come to an end – 198...

    Dennis Van Der Veur at COP28
  • Why Lawmakers and Business Leaders Need to Look at Green Behaviour

    As someone who cares for the environment, you know that recycling, turning down the heating and walking to work is good for the planet. Those individual acts are important on our journey to net zero. But to have a lasting impact, we need to have bigger and bolder ideas about behaviour change. “In the Gender Equality Index, we see a...

    Environmental activist painting "There is no planet B" banner on global warming protest