• Sharing the load: who invests more time and energy in childcare?

    Between women and men in the EU, there’s a greater balance of childcare. But there isn’t when it comes to the type of task according to EIGE’s latest evidence. The distribution of unpaid childcare between women and men is moving in the right direction. EIGE’s evidence from a 2022 survey on gender gaps in unpaid care, individual and social activities...

    Baby taking its first steps between mother and father
  • Save the Date for the Gender Equality Index 2023 Conference

    EIGE will release the Gender Equality Index 2023 on 24 October 2023. The Index will unveil this year’s gender equality scores in areas of life such as knowledge, money, health, work, power, and time. We will also discuss the green transition from a gender equality perspective.

    A young black woman's smiling silhouette overlaid with a stylized image of wind turbines and solar panels
  • EIGE's 40th Management Board meeting

    EIGE’s Management Board met for its 40th meeting on 15-16 June 2023 in Vilnius. The Board discussed the follow-up to EIGE’s 2nd External Evaluation, the first draft of its 2025-2027 Single Programming Document and other ongoing business.

    EIGE's Management Board and staff members
  • Welcome to EIGE’s revamped website!

    We have been listening to your feedback and have worked hard to create a platform that caters to your needs.

    Hands working on a laptop shot from above
  • Platform work: Has flexibility become a cover story?

    The platform work economy comes with great strengths. The ability to work where you want and how you want is a significant motivator for people who have grown tired of the 9-5 rigidity and seek more diversity in their career path.

    A vector image depicting a woman sitting by a computer with thought bubbles representing different life obligations around her
  • Numbers of note: women in decision-making positions

    The latest data on women in decision-making roles in the Western Balkans and Türkiye paint a mixed picture but are on the right path for the future.

    Three women of different ages dressed in business attire look confidently into the camera
  • #3StepsForward: Why the Green Deal needs a gender perspective

    Today is International Women’s Day. An occasion to celebrate the wins for gender equality so far. To reflect on the struggles. And a day to look ahead, take a glance at the future and imagine what could be.