Gender-based violence

According to a 2009 Eurobarometer on Gender Equality, 62% of Europeans think that gender-based violence should be a priority action in the area of gender inequality, and 92% believe that there is an urgent need to tackle it.

Gender-based violence is rooted in and reinforces gender inequalities and it cannot be understood outside the social structures, gender norms and roles that support and justify it. Gender-based violence harms women, families, communities and societies. It is a human rights violation and one of the most pervasive forms of gender-based inequality. The elimination of violence against women involves challenging the unequal division of social, political, and economic power among women and men, and the ways in which this inequality is perpetuated through institutions at all levels of society. 

EIGE's work

EIGE provides access to existing statistical data and information on gender-based violence, aiming to support the institutions and experts engaged in preventing and combating gender-based violence in the European Union and beyond.

Since 2010 EIGE has carried out several ground-breaking studies and collected data and resources related to gender-based violence. The pages in this section present the studies, databases and other resources developed by EIGE to assist the EU Member States to monitor and eradicate gender-based violence.

EIGE's publications on gender-based violence