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  • High Level Conference on a future-oriented European Pillar of Social Rights

    EU agency for gender equality's Director, Carlien Scheele, joins the High-Level Conference on a future oriented European Pillar of Social Rights, in Brussels. Director Scheele gives a keynote speech in the context of the workshop on access to the labour market from a gender equal and intersectional approach.

  • Visit to FRA: meeting with FRA's Director

    EIGE's Director, Carlien Scheele, and EIGE's Head of Outreach & Engagement Unit, Dennis van der Veur, meet with FRA's Director, Sirpa Rautio, in Vienna.

  • Symposium on Victims' Rights

    EIGE’s Team Leader of GBV (Gender Based Violence team) joins the Symposium on Victims’ Rights, held by Eurojust, in the Hague. The symposium is centred on safeguarding victims within cross-border judicial context. EIGE presents preliminary results from its collaborative project with Eurojust, focusing on the implementation of the European Protection Order. EIGE’s contribution aims to inform and stimulate discussions among...

  • Istanbul Convention meeting on Data collection for Combating Violence Against Women

    EIGE participates in the second meeting of national coordinating bodies established by Article 10, Istanbul Convention for a working-level discussion, in Liechtenstein. The meeting aims at addressing strategies for combating violence against women. EIGE contributes to the discussion by presenting its perspective on data collection concerning violence against women, enriching the discussions, and fostering greater collaboration among participating bodies. The...

  • Gender Equality Forum 2024

    Are you ready to help shape a fairer future for all? Make your voice heard at the second Gender Equality Forum on 10-11 December 2024. This is a significant year for the EU, with European Parliament elections and a new Commission taking office. That brings new challenges and opportunities. The forum is your platform to stand up for gender equality...