• Hybrid workshop on “Data to Impact: How can data reinvigorate progress on gender equality?"

    The event will aim to bring together gender and data specialists from the European Commission, EU development partners, and UN Women for an interactive dialogue to explore how data can be used as an important tool to reinvigorate progress on gender equality and the implementation of the EU Gender Action Plan III. It will also showcase how UN Women is...

  • UNECE session on Gender Statistics – Workshop and Group of Experts on Gender Statistics

    Ligia Nobrega is to take part in the session on ‘New data sources and emerging issues’ with a presentation of Quality considerations for EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database supported by an accepted paper. EIGE’s representative will be a discussant on the panel Gender and Digital Divide and will be a speaker in the panel on Measuring Violence Against Women led by...

  • State of the Union 2023: Building Europe in Times of Uncertainty

    Joining a panel of experts for the session on 'De-democratisation and opposition to gender equality politics in Europe , EIGE's Director, Carlien Scheele, will weigh in on ways to avoid and move forward from democractic backsliding. In spite of the EU´s constitutional commitment to gender equality and mainstreaming, over the last decade, several EU member states have experienced growth of...

  • Experts meeting of EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database & Consultation meeting on administrative data collection on Violence Against Women

    The need to produce and share EU-wide, comparable, reliable gender statistics and indicators has been highlighted by the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission and is part of a significant political commitment to gender equality and gender mainstreaming at the international level. Aiming to address persistent challenges of gender-based violence statistics EIGE has been building statistical capacity at...

  • Experts’ meeting of EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database and Consultation on administrative data collection on Intimate Partner Violence

    Ligia Nobrega, Cristina Fabre, and Diogo Costa will be leading the Experts’ meeting of EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database hosting 3 main topics: Gender Statistics Database’s Quality Criteria & Intersectionality; Women and Men in Decision Making; Gender-based Violence; In addition, a consultation meeting on administrative data collection on Intimate Partner Violence will be hosted in preparation for the new data collection...

  • Conference on men and boys in gender equality policies

    The conference is co-organised by the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland and will focus on the role of men and boys in gender equality policies and in policies to combat violence against women. EIGE gender-based violence researcher, Diogo Costa, will take part as a panelist in a session about the negative impacts of social...

  • Head of Communications and Information Network (HCIN)

    Head of the Outreach & Engagement unit, Dennis van der Veur, represents EIGE at the EU Agencies network of head of communications. EIGE will lead a session on strategic foresight and the role of communicators.

  • Gender mainstreaming in public policy and budgeting project

    A project supported by the DG REFORM in collaboration with Expertise France (EF) in partnership with European University Institute (EUI). EIGE supports with the workshop on gender budgeting and will run a session on how to develop quantitative and quality gender-responsive budgeting indicators for advancing gender equality in the context of EU Funds' interventions.

  • Meeting with the Ambassador of Hungary

    EIGE's director, Carlien Scheele, will be meeting with Hungary's ambassador, H.E. Mr. Gábor Diczházi, in preparation for the upcoming country visit.