EIGE, in its contribution to a public consultation on the design of transparency reports under the Digital Services Act (DSA), has highlighted the need to include gender-based measurement instruments.

Under the DSA, internet service providers will be obliged to publish transparency reports to provide information about matters related to user privacy and security. An open consultation is taking place on the design of the templates for these reports. 

In its contribution, EIGE stresses that the gendered dimension of risks associated with online violence is captured.

Firstly, EIGE recommends in relation to illegal or harmful speech that the prevalence of online gender-based hate speech is included in such measurement instruments.

Secondly, and particularly in light of this year’s European elections, and many elections in Europe, women candidates during political campaigns face extreme levels of targeted disinformation compared to men. EIGE recommends that a measure which obliges reporting on gender-based disinformation is included.

Thirdly, EIGE recommends the introduction of separate categories to measure bullying, harassment, and stalking on the grounds of gender, as women and girls are disproportionately impacted.

EIGE also recommends, in relation to deepfake technology, that a category to measure image abuse online by gender, is included in the DSA templates.

Finally, EIGE urges the inclusion of a gendered category of human trafficking, acknowledging the rising use of social media and online platforms by traffickers to recruit victims for sexual and labour exploitation, given that women and girls are the primary targets.

See EIGE’s contribution

The Digital Services Act regulates online intermediaries and platforms such as marketplaces, social networks, content-sharing platforms, app stores, and online travel and accommodation platforms. Its main goal is to prevent illegal and harmful activities online and the spread of disinformation. It ensures user safety, protects fundamental rights, and creates a fair and open online platform environment.

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