Step 6: What comes after the Gender Equality Plan?

A Gender Equality Plan will be concluded at some point in time. However, this is not ‘the end’ towards promoting gender equality in your organisation.

You are entering now a new cycle. Based on the findings from the evaluation of the Plan it is possible to draw conclusions regarding the progress made towards achieving gender equality in the institution. It is likely that the sustainability of some measures and procedures is already ensured, whereas others may still require further action.

In addition, the final evaluation may have identified new areas that require attention. This is the point where you decide how to continue the efforts undertaken so far and what a new Gender Equality Plan should address:

  • Take into consideration the lessons learnt from the previous experience(s).
  • Benchmark what other organisations have done or are currently doing (and adapt their measures and actions to your own context).
  • Continue to engage (new) stakeholders.
  • Think about how to make your measures and actions sustainable.

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