Monitoring Equal Opportunities – Austrian Science Fund (FWF) (AT)

The FWF published its Equal Opportunity Monitoring, as recommended by the Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs. The measure seeks to increase the participation of women researchers in Austria since 2015. The monitoring is part of the FWF’s action plan on changing structures. Published each of the past two years, it presents a visualisation of facts and data to bring to life the insights in the annual report. Data on applications from women and men, funded projects by gender, and applications by subject are already collected as part of the FWF Dashboard. Staff from the Department of Strategy, Policy and Evaluation then compile the Equality Opportunity Monitoring. Following presentation at the annual press conference in March/April, the data are discussed with the Assembly of Delegates and the Supervisory Board and then published on the website. New FWF employees are trained on the importance of gender equality, including the data collected. All employees are updated annually, while the Gender Working Group communicates the content to individual departments.