Julie Hamáčková award – University of Chemistry and Technology (UCT) (CZ)

As part of its GEP, UCT established the Julie Hamackova Award to support the integration of gender aspects into research and pedagogical work. The prize is awarded annually in three categories: (1) extraordinary contribution of women employees to the development of research, pedagogy and work in the academic sphere; (2) extraordinary contribution of employees in the field of support and promotion of equal opportunities in work relations and research at the University; and (3) best papers integrating sex/gender analysis in research (for Bachelor, Master and doctoral students). Trained staff from different faculties cooperate to organise the award. The organisers suggest possible paper topics in order to support students' interest in the gender dimension in research and broaden their thinking on potential applications of gender analysis in their fieds. The Grant Agency of Masaryk University developed its Career Restart scheme to support researchers returning after a career break (e.g. after parental leave) and assist their reintegration into research teams. The funding (CZK 500,000 per year) is to be used for personnel costs only, including supporting researchers‘ families and covering childcare expenses. This measure may help to reduce the leaky pipeline effect, which is quite evident among post-doctoral academics in Czechia, especially due to long parental leave and a lack of affordable childcare for children under three years.