Funding advisement – TU Wien (AT)

The project was initiated to help researchers to define the gender dimension within their research. The Gender Competence Department of TU Wien advises researchers on how to integrate the gender dimension when applying for research funding. The university seeks to generate more successful proposals and research funding, as well as increased awareness and competence in respect of gender-related topics. Two central administration institutions cooperate to implement the measure – the Research Funding Support and the Department of Gender Competence. Research Funding Support organises information events for specific calls, or general coaching for project proposals six to eight times a year. Scientists have the opportunity to ask questions and receive individual support, as well as being introduced to the offer of consultation support on integrating the gender dimension in research. This is complemented by online resources and studies on gender research. The Gender Competence Department meets with the Deans of TU Wien to raise awareness of gender issues outside research funding and to encourage faculty leaders to make use of the advisory service. Customised workshops are also organised for project groups, based on their specific concerns, questions and conflicts. The consulting service has been well received and has garnered greater acceptance for diversity and gender-related topics. Using research as a means of overcoming resistance and rejection could usefully be applied to other equality actions, as it is rational rather than emotional. It also has the benefit of increasing awareness of diversity and gender in research generally.