• FGM in the EU: Raising the voice of communities

    On 26 May 2021, the European Institute for Gender Equality is organising a virtual dissemination event for the launch of the report 'Estimation of girls at risk of female genital mutilation in the EU: Denmark, Spain, Luxembourg and Austria'. You can read the news article published by EIGE in connection to the study results here. Watch the video of the event In addition to presenting the latest findings on FGM in the EU, EIGE will look at what action is needed to raise the voice of communities affected by FGM.

  • Supporting victims from the workplace - #VSEAnnualConference2021 side event

    On May 20th 2021, from 15.00 until 17.00 CET, #VSEAnnualConference2021 will organise a number of side events alongside the main conference programme. These side events offer a closer look into the topics covered at the main programme. They provide VSE Members and partners with the opportunity to promote projects, introduce new approaches and share best practices. They are also the perfect occasion to have Q&A discussions on specific topics.

  • 12th Regional Coordination Meeting of EU candidate countries and potential candidates

    This meeting is organised under EIGE’s cooperation with the Western Balkans and Turkey within the Instrument of Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) of the European Union and is funded by the European Commission. The aim of the meeting is to gather stakeholders from the region to discuss bi-annual activities of 2021, Covid-19 impact to gender equality, future priorities and main challenges. We will also hear about the EU and EIGE’s gender equality priorities, new cycle of the Gender Equality Index and data collection on women and men in decision-making, Guidelines on strengthening data system on violence against women, as well as updates from the regional, international and civil society partners.

  • Gender-based violence prevention in the work with male refugees and migrants: an anti-racist and culturally sensitive approach

    Dear Colleagues, WWP European Network would like to invite you and your Community to the FOMEN Capacity Building Program, targeting professionals who work with men within the migration context, and who want to improve their knowledge in addressing cultural sensitivity, anti-racism, gender equality, and gender-based violence prevention. The Capacity Building Program (CBP) has been developed within the EU-funded FOMEN Project, and the training is free of charge.

  • Women Political Participation as a Key Tool for Achieving Equal Rights

    Know the GAP lecture by Claudia Liliana Florez Ocampo***, Minister Councellor at the Colombian Embassy to Switzerland and Liechtenstein *** Please note that Ms Florez Ocampo will deliver the presentation on behalf of our original speaker, Ambassador Sofia Gaviria Correa. The time as well as the topic of the lecture remain the same. Apologies for the inconvenience. Participation is open to the public and free of charge.

  • CEPOL Research and Science Conference 2021 - Pandemic Effects on Law Enforcement Training & Practice: Taking early stock from a research perspective

    CEPOL Research and Science Conference is the EU Agency for Law Enforcement Training's flagship event. This conference provides, since 2003, a stimulating intellectual environment that brings together ideas and perspectives of practitioners, trainers and educators in policing and other areas of law enforcement, with researchers and academic scholars from Europe and the international sphere. Participants in this forum can inform and be informed about new scientific findings, ongoing research projects and challenges within the law enforcement field.

  • Achievements and Hurdles towards Beijing+20: Women’s Human Rights under Democratic Regression

    Know the GAP lecture by Prof. Bertil Emrah Oder, UNESCO Chairholder on Gender Equality and Sustainable Development, Dean, Koç University Law School. In 2019, the WTI Gender Team, led by Prof. Elisa Fornalé, established the WTI Gender Lecture Series. These lectures are conceived as an innovative venue to bring accomplished scholars, leaders of international organizations, government, and the private sector, to the University of Bern.

  • EESC online Public Hearing: Pay transparency - The next step to end the gender pay gap

    In March 2021 the Commission proposed a Directive to strengthen the application of the principle of equal pay for equal work or work of equal value between men and women through pay transparency and enforcement mechanisms - "binding pay transparency measures". Measures include requirements for pay information for job seekers, a right to know the pay levels for workers doing the same work, as well as gender pay gap reporting obligations for big companies.

  • Gender Equality Academy | Online Training - How to communicate “gender” in times of resistance

    Registration is open! WHY: This training opportunity will sensitise about the importance of gender-sensitive communication and provide an introduction to what this notion might entail. It will elaborate on strategies and provide concrete tips and tricks for effective gender-sensitive communication. FOR WHOM: Researchers Communication officers at academic/research institutions Gender Equality Plan team members in academic/research institutions National Contact Points for Horizon Europe IMPORTANT NOTE:

  • Gender Equality Academy | Online Training - Sex and gender dimension in research: Robotics

    Registration is open! WHY: This training focuses on the sex and gender dimension in the research field of Robotics and it will provide an overview on sex and gender dimensions in research with a special focus on Robotics. The training will help the participants understand the concepts of sex and gender and their relevance for research – focusing on robotics-related topics.

  • Gender Equality Academy | Online Training - Developing Gender Sensitivity in Human Computer Interaction Research

    Registration is open! WHY: This training focuses on the sex and gender dimension in the research field of Human-Computer Interaction. It will provide an overview on gender and sex aspects in research topics focusing on Human-Computer Interaction and help the participants understand concepts of gender and gender mainstreaming along with their relevance in the addressed area. The training will sensitise on the importance of including the gender dimension in research projects and designing more gender-sensitive projects by providing practical strategies to implement a gender approach in research.

  • Gender Equality Academy | Online Training - Thinking gender in science and innovation: examples from research on COVID-19 and robotics

    Registration is open! WHY: This training opportunity is based on mutual learning through sharing inspiration and it is going to sensitise about the importance of including sex and gender dimension in research content. Its goal is to familiarise the participants with methodologies and approaches aimed at including the sex and gender dimension in research content. FOR WHOM: Researchers Administrative staff working at academic/research institutions helping researchers with their applications to Horizon Europe Gender Equality Plan team members in academic/research institutions Gender Equality Officers/Gender focal points in academic/research institutions IMPORTANT NOTE: