Joining a panel of experts for the session on 'De-democratisation and opposition to gender equality politics in Europe , EIGE's Director, Carlien Scheele, will weigh in on ways to avoid and move forward from democractic backsliding.

In spite of the EU´s constitutional commitment to gender equality and mainstreaming, over the last decade, several EU member states have experienced growth of far-right parties with an explicit anti-gender, anti-feminist and/or homo-transphobic component, with spill-over effects on more mainstream parties and politics which have rolled back on their commitment to gender equality and democratic values.

This panel will address the intersections of such de-democratisation processes with gender and other inequalities, by focusing on contemporary forms of ‘opposition to gender equality’ and their relationship to democratic backsliding.

Moderator: Ruth Rubio Marín, Professor, European University Institute

Co-Moderator: Lucrecia Rubio Grundell, MSCA-COFOUND-UNA4CAREER, and Postdoctoral fellow, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Speakers: Neil Datta, Executive Director, European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Johanna Kantola, Professor, European Politics, Helsinki University.