• Meeting of the Subgroup on Equality Data

    The annual country visit to Finland is an opportunity to exchange views with key stakeholders working on equality data collection and deepening knowledge on the ecosystem of equality data in Finland. The country visit is followed by a subgroup meeting to reflect on the outcomes of the study visit, and to plan the 2024 activities. EIGE’s Statistics Officer Davide Barbieri...

  • High-level panel discussion of the Launch of the OECD Report: "Breaking the Cycle of Gender-based Violence: Translating evidence into action for victim/survivor-centred governance"

    While gender-based violence (GBV) has garnered more attention from policymakers in recent years and has become a top gender equality priority for OECD members, significant challenges remain in all countries. This flagship report on ending this complex issue is a joint work between the Governance Directorate, the Economic, Social and Labour Affairs Directorate and the Development Centre of the OECD...

  • CoR SEDEC meeting in Brussels

    SEDEC is holding a discussion on gender mainstreaming in policies, programs and budgets, with some 100 members, all local or regional elected politicians across the EU. EIGE's Researcher Helena Morais Maceira is delivering a presentation on gender mainstreaming followed by an exchange of practices with CoR SEDEC members.

  • 27th Standing Commitee meeting

    EIGE management is participating at the 27 th meeting of EIGE Standing Committee.

  • Experts’ meeting on research and development of indicators on cyber violence against women and girls (CVAWG)

    Following the 2022 report ‘Combating cyber violence against women and girls’, which proposed definitions for five forms of Cyber Violence Against Women and Girls (CVAWG), the objective of this meeting is to discuss EIGE’s current project, which aims at developing a comparable measurement framework and indicators to assess different forms of CVAWG across the European Union.

  • Roundtable: The EU Green Deal’s impact on equality. Exploring the role and potential of equality bodies

    This roundtable discussion will present the findings of the Equinet commissioned research on climate change and Equality Bodies. In this session, the speakers and panel will be invited to assess the adverse effects of climate change from various perspectives, in consideration of the unique conditions of different categories of society. Research Officer Annabel Wildschut will participate in the session on...

  • Gender Equity in Health

    The Observatory of Women’s Health of the government of Spain is hosting a roundtable discussion on gender equity in health. It begins with a presentation on the current state of gender equity in health, followed by a discussion on future challenges. The second day of the event will feature a workshop discussion on ways to improve gender equity in health...

  • Policy response to violence against women and Femicide Roundtables

    The Monash Prato Campus organises three days of global knowledge exchange and shared learning on violence against women policy reform, and femicide. EIGE has been invited to present alongside with other international experts. EIGE’s Gender-based Violence Researcher Cristina Fabre will deliver two presentations on risk assessment tools for the police and on counting femicide in the EU.

  • Women in Transport

    In the context of the Spanish Presidency of the EU, the Spanish Ministry of Transport is hosting two round table discussions on women in transport with the participation of experts and representatives of various national and international, public and private organisations. The discussions will focus on the experiences of women as transport users and transport professionals. Each round table will...