On 24 October 2019, in Brussels, EIGE organizes the first from the series of Joint consultation meetings “Advancing administrative data collection on intimate partner violence and gender-related killings of women”.

The aim of the meeting is to bring together national authorities from the police, justice, national statistics offices and gender equality mechanisms responsible for data collection on violence against women from different Member States in order to discuss the current data situation, the remaining gaps in measuring various forms of violence against women and the main challenges in achieving data comparability.

The discussions will also focus on future steps to ensure the availability of such data for monitoring and reporting purpose. Country-specific experiences will be presented in order to facilitate the exchange of practices and discuss ways to overcome challenges. In order to improve data collection on gender-related killings of women, participants will discuss different approaches to data collection that can reveal the gendered nature of specific homicides of women.

The specific objectives of the meeting include:

  • To review the current state of play in populating EIGE’s indicators on intimate partner violence, rape and gender-related killings across the EU
  • To identify recommendations for EU Member States so they are able to fulfil their commitment to provide comparable data on the four indicators developed by EIGE on violence against women
  • To learn about existing efforts in collecting, analysing and reporting data on gender-related killings of women
  • To discuss a common approach to operationalise a definition of gender-related killings of women for statistical purposes

Please find agenda, background documents and presentations of the event enclosed and available for download in the Resources tab.