Women and Science Committee – Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) (ES)

In 2002, the CSIC Governing Board approved the Women and Science Committee. The Committee advises the presidency of the CSIC on issues related to recruitment and career promotion of women researchers, identifies problems and analyses causes hindering women’s access and career progression. It also analyses historical biases and gaps due to the deficit of women in scientific institutions and in their management bodies, and proposes corrective measures where appropriate. The Committee produces the annual “Report on Women Researchers”, which monitors the situation of women scientists at CSIC. The CSIC was Spain’s first public or private research organisation to create a Committee for Women and Science. Since 2002, there has been a rapid and transformative evolution in gender equality law and policy, prompting the creation of gender equality units and bodies in public and private research institutions. As a pioneer, the Committee supported these structures in the institutes attached to the CSIC and promoted networking and recognition through the annual call for its Gender Equality Certification.The Women and Science Committee has evolved to become a reference structure for the promotion of equality in Spain’s science, research and innovation system.