Various activities to promote and build capacity for gender mainstreaming in university curricula and research – University of Malta (MT)

The Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity Committee was set up in 1991 as part of the University of Malta. Initially, the main objective was to act as a focal point for gender issues. The Committee is appointed by the University Council and advises the Rector and the Council on issues of gender equality. It reports to the Council each year. The Committee’s Policy includes a list of legislation and important circulars related to gender equality (particularly equality at work) and is followed by a commitment to the promotion of good employment practice. The Committee works in various areas, such as the identification of sources of unequal opportunities or treatment, and promotes a policy of equal opportunities. It also receives and monitors staff and student complaints of sex-discriminatory practices, recommends an appropriate action, and works closely with sexual harassment advisors. In addition, the Committee promotes teaching and research that reflects the knowledge, experience, and aspirations of both women and men. Since 2017, the Committee has coordinated the organisation of various activities to promote and build capacity for gender mainstreaming in curricula and research. These activities improved awareness and prompted significant elements of gender equality to be introduced in the “University of Malta Strategic Plan 2020-2025”. A specific equality plan, organisational structures and resources are now being put in place in order to systematically support gender equality in research.