Gender4STEM – Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) (LU)

LIST leads the project “Gender-aware education and teaching” (Gender4STEM), which is a co-funded Erasmus+ project. Launched in 2017, it partners with six experts in gender, technological and learning issues: Consulio (Croatia), VHTO (Netherlands), SMART VENICE (Italy), FUNDATIA PROFESSIONAL (Romania) and Women in Digital and LIST (Luxembourg). Gender$STEM seeks to spark greater interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines among girls by supporting teachers to step-up their gender-fair teaching practices. Although initially created for teachers, the Gender4STEM platform is also relevant for school psychologists and counsellors, as well as career guidance advisors. They are invited to use the self-assessment tool to determine whether their teaching practices are gender-fair, and can receive personalised recommendations for teaching materials. They can also take part in the Gender4STEM hands-on blended training, which raises awareness of conscious/unconscious gender bias in their teaching. In addition, they can apply any of the 100 teaching materials available on the Gender4STEM platform in their classroom. The project has been recognised as a good practice by Erasmus+.