Equality Committee (EC) - Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) (LT)

The Equality Committee at Kaunas University of Technology is a permanent committee formed by Rector’s Order in 2018. It is responsible for implementing the University’s Policy on Equality and Diversity. The Committee acts as an independent and impartial agency in cases of discrimination, harassment, violation of equality and persecution. Its main tasks are: (1) examination of reports (complaints) from university staff and students on violation of equal opportunities or persecution; (2) coordination of the implementation of the Equality and Diversity Policy; (3) provision of guidance to managers, employees and students on issues related to equality; and (4) prevention of the violation of equality. In general, the Committee focuses on two broad areas. The first is examining complaints about violation of equal opportunities (e.g. mobbing, discrimination, harassment, including gender equality-related issues). The second is advising administrative and other staff on the application of the principle of equal opportunities and diversity (including gender equality), and its implementation in various processes, procedures and regulations (e.g. review/development of documents).