EIGE is continuing work on the integration of gender equality into the policy cycle. The GREENA project is developing approaches and practical tools on how to simultaneously integrate environmental and climate action concerns along with gender equality issues in evaluations.

In the development of specific tools and guidance, a transformative and intersectional approach is taken and where possible a participatory approach is being adopted. 

The GREENA project aims to:

  1. advance gender-responsive policymaking processes to achieve just and sustainable development for all, and
  2. to foster an integrated evaluation framework considering gender and environment aspects and impacts.

This will help ensure that the initiatives launched under the European Green Deal and Recovery actions are evaluable from a gender perspective and assess, when the time comes, to what extent the EU efforts towards a green transition have served to promote gender equality in the EU. The GREENA project supports the European Green Deal commitment of ensuring that the green transition is just and inclusive and that it leaves no one behind.

The project outputs, including a new toolkit on gender-responsive evaluation, will be available on EIGE’s gender mainstreaming platform in early 2024.