The objective of this call for expression of interest is to set up a list of external experts to assist EIGE in specific focal areas of work.

EIGE seeks to collaborate with external experts in the main areas of Institute’s work:

  • Research and statistics;
  • Gender-based violence;
  • Gender mainstreaming;
  • Knowledge management and communications.

EIGE will use the list(s) of experts to assist EIGE in the performance of the following tasks:

  1. Developing and monitoring projects that may include reviewing and assessing reports and other project deliverables, outputs and results; validating and updating data and information; participation in meetings, workshops and other on-site visits;
  2. Tasks related to the implementation of opinions and specific advice to EIGE in the main policy areas. This may include summarising and restructuring existing research information, raw data and project outputs as well as an assessment/evaluation of EIGE’s products, tools, projects and/or applications;
  3. Tasks related to the provision of opinions and specific advice during the recruitment procedures;
  4. Tasks related to the provision of opinions and specific advice during procurements procedures (this may include evaluation of procurement tenders);
  5. Tasks related to the provision of opinions and specific advice for the dissemination and/or promotion of EIGE’s projects, including drafting, adjusting and updating of reports to specific target groups and audiences, consulting on specific topic related materials and their development; as well as linking empirical research findings to policy implications and recommendations.

Possibility to consult external experts in key areas of EIGE’s work would greatly facilitate in-house project management and contribute to the quality assurance for EIGE’s products.

Call for Expressions of Interest for experts

This call shall complement existing contracts/procedures and shall not be seen to replace or overlap with such contracts/procedures. It is important to note that this call aims to address separate needs that are not already covered by such existing EIGE contracts or procedures.

Natural persons are invited to submit an application following the application form link. Persons who are members of, or employed by an institution who is a member of EIGE’s Management Board or Experts’ Forum, members of EIGE’s formal Working Groups (Gender Equality Index) or employees of any EU Institution or body shall not be eligible for this procedure.

Those expert(s) will be appointed through the signature of a contract accepting all the conditions foreseen between the expert and EIGE defining the exact scope of tasks to be performed, duration of activity etc.

Selected experts will be called on a case-by-case basis where a particular task(s) relating to one of the areas of EIGE’s work is to be performed by an external expert. More information about the procedure can be found in the notice enclosed.


Experts are invited to submit a form in the External Experts’ Database.

Applicants must provide / upload duly completed:

Other relevant documents

For any questions related to the External Experts’ database, please contact