How can I report a problem?

The Staff Regulations require employees to refrain from behaviour that might reflect adversely on their position and condemn psychological and sexual harassment. Sexual and sex-based harassment are also illegal under EU law.

If a staff member faces behaviour they deem to be psychological or sexual harassment, they have access to a formal or an informal procedure.

Informal procedure

This procedure does not involve any formal legal qualification of the behaviour or disciplinary sanctions.

In many institutions and agencies, staff can speak to confidential counsellors, who are trained staff volunteers who provide support in situations of allegations of harassment in the work context. They offer confidential discussions in a safe environment and can help colleagues to reach a decision about how they wish to proceed.

You can also speak to a confidential counsellor if you have experienced sexism and want to seek their advice. Your manager and human resources representative should also be able to help.

Formal procedure

The formal procedure seeks to assess whether harassment has occurred, and if so, take appropriate measures, including disciplinary measures. This may result in an administrative inquiry having to be carried out.

Information on administrative follow-up is not available in cases where individuals have sought support from a confidential counsellor and have decided to not lodge a formal complaint.