Digitalisation is rapidly changing our world and young people are on the frontline and technology is transforming the way we work, socialise, and engage with politics. In order to ensure Europe reaps the benefits of the digital revolution while protecting citizens, it is necessary to identify trends and risks.

As the 2018 Chair of the JHA agencies' network, the European Institute for Gender Equality proposed JHA agencies to assess the impact of digitalisation on European citizens. EIGE's research shows that digitalisation is affecting girls and boys, and women and men, in different ways. Gender norms are being replicated in the online world, where they often become exacerbated. Digitalisation also brings many opportunities in the struggle to increase gender equality and eliminate gender-based violence.

This paper makes some initial proposals for actions that would enable EU institutions and Member States to harness the possibilities of digitalisation and empower digital citizens of the future.

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