The 2018 Women in Tech Index has ranked Portugal one of the best countries for women pursuing a career in technology.

We have invited Secretary of State of Citizenship and Equality, Rosa Monteiro; Microsoft Portugal CFO, Rita Piçarra; Coordinator of the Gender Balance Project at Instituto Técnico de Lisboa, Helena Geirinhas; and the founder of Portuguese Women in Tech, Inês Santos Silva to address important topics that affect Women in Tech everywhere.

Join us in a riveting panel where we will discuss how we can break down the stereotypes that make women less likely to pursue careers in an area where they are a minority, thus making it challenging to feel like they belong. We want to talk about Ada Lovelace and the pioneers of computing, as well as the artificially generated gap, and why having more women in tech is beneficial for the bottom line of companies.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the event and benefiting from your unique perspectives on this topic.