• Third meeting of the EU Gender Equality Index Working Group

    The objectives of the second WG meeting on the EU Gender Equality Index (EU GEI) are to: Support EIGE to develop a theoretical framework of the EU GEI by the EU 27 Member States Present and discuss the proposal of the Statistical Information System for the construction of the EU GEI

  • Equality in the Workplace: Towards an Effective European Strategy against Gender Discrimination

    "An International Symposium for gathering knowledge, discussing the latest challenges and sharing best practices in promoting gender equality in the workplace and labour market in Europe" Whilst there have been amendments in EU Directives recently in order to improve equal treatment in employment, maternity leave and general working conditions, much more still needs to be done. Public Policy Exchange is proud to continue its equality platform with a special symposium on tackling gender-based discrimination and harassment in the workplace through exchanging best practices between leading practitioners, international organisations and major stakeholders.

  • Third Working Group on Gender Equality Index

    On 27th November 2012 the third meeting of the Working Group on the Gender Equality Index for Europe will be held in Brussels. Main objectives The main objectives of this meeting are to present and discuss the following subjects: State of play of EIGE’s activities towards the development of the Gender Equality Index for Europe Methodology used for producing the Index Preliminary results on the measuring framework of the Index and Country Profiles Dissemination Plan for the Index and the Statistical Information System Agenda of the meeting (.pdf, KB) Why are we developing the Gender Equality Index for Europe?

  • Hitting the spot - Safeguarding the mental health of victims of domestic violence

    Final Conference of the Mental Health Europe Daphne Project "Train Improve Reduce - Diminishing the mental health impact of violence against women by training law enforcement agents" Prompted by the knowledge that every fifth woman in Europe has been a victim of intimate partner violence, Mental Health Europe and its partners decided to tackle domestic violence by training law enforcement agents - the first points of contact for women denouncing their aggressors- on the mental health aspects associated with this type of violence.

  • Equality Summit 2012

    The Equality Summit 2012 will provide evidence that equality and accessibility policies can help support growth, economic development and prosperity. It will highlight the importance of equality policies and legislation for the most vulnerable groups in the current difficult financial context. The Summit will bring together around 300 high-level delegates (governments, NGOs, social partners, media, academics, independent experts, etc.) from European Union Member States and acceding countries.

  • Mainstreaming gender equality: concepts and instruments

    The course aims at promoting gender equality in the world of work, by introducing participants to gender concepts, and moreover by providing them with an adaptable set of conceptual and information tools to bring gender equality concerns into the mainstream of labour-related development activities and in their everyday work, whether it be in a trade union, entrepreneurial, governmental or non-governmental environment.

  • The 10th Experts' Forum meeting

    The 10th Experts' Forum meeting will take place on 14-15 November 2012 in Radisson Blu Lietuva, Konstiucijos pr. 20, Vilnius.

  • Measuring progress towards gender equality: where do we stand?

    The OECD Development Centre and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs are organising a seminar on "Measuring progress towards gender equality: where do we stand?" on 13 November, in Stockholm. Participate in the online discussion on "Engaging Men and Boys to Transform Discriminatory Social Norms" and be heard at the seminar. Link to online discussion

  • European Conference “Advancing Gender Training to Support Effective Gender Mainstreaming”, Vilnius 13-14 November, 2012

    Gender mainstreaming is an ambitious policy strategy to promote equality between women and men. The strategy is not a goal in itself; but, a political mechanism to implement,monitor and evaluate the integration of gender concerns into all policy decisions, legal frameworks, activities and programmes. Despite strong political commitments to gender mainstreaming, progress towards gender aware policies in the European Union remains slow.

  • 3rd International Conference on Survivors of Rape

    The Third International Conference on Survivors of Rape (ICSoR) is a two day conference which will be held on November 9th and 10th 2012, with a seminar day taking place on Thursday the 8th, in the West of Ireland, city of Galway. Your hosts are RCNI. We believe this year's conference, building on the strong foundations of previous conferences, can deepen our understanding of how to meet survivor needs with a sustained and robust multiagency approach.

  • Conference on combating domestic violence against women in the EU

    The European Conference on Violence Against Women aims at the review of the progress in the EU and the exchange of good practices between the Member States in this area. Representatives of all Member States of the EU, including NGO’s and high ranking officials of the European Commission, the European Council, the European Parliament and International Organisations will participate in this conference.

  • Journalist Thematic Network, Nicosia

    The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) is organising the Journalist Thematic Network meeting on two important topics that EIGE is working on: 1) Violence against Women and 2) Resource & Documentation Centre (RDC) that will take place on the 6-7 November 2012 in Nicosia, Cyprus. The meeting is addressed to journalists, media representatives and communications experts from a number of EU Member States and Croatia that are working with Communication or Gender Equality in many different forms and aspects.