The French Institute of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen, with the support of L'Oréal Foundation, organize a conference on September 9, 2016.

It will tackle an objective shared by both the Danish and French ministries of Higher Education and Research, as well as all the research institutions of both countries, which is to achieve a better gender balance and to fight against discrimination in the research communities.

Tine Jess, member of the Task Force for More Women in Research in Denmark, and other significant representatives from Danish research institutions will present their vision of what can be done to reach a better gender balance in research. They will also comment the implemented strategies in this regard, as well as some French participants who will express their vision on the matter.

In relation to the conference, the French Institute in Denmark presents the photography exhibition Infinités plurielles in the Faculty Library’s premises at SCIENCE during the month of September 2016.

Infinités plurielles gathers 36 portraits of female scientists from various scientific fields. By showing new models through these women’s stories, the exhibition intends to encourage more women to pursue a career in science, sets focus on a better gender balance within the scientific world and stimulates debates around this important subject. Entrance to the exhibition is free.


The participation is free, but registration is mandatory – please register on this link :