• Conference on men and boys in gender equality policies

    The conference is co-organised by the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland and will focus on the role of men and boys in gender equality policies and in policies to combat violence against women. EIGE gender-based violence researcher, Diogo Costa, will take part as a panelist in a session about the negative impacts of social...

  • Head of Communications and Information Network (HCIN)

    Head of the Outreach & Engagement unit, Dennis van der Veur, represents EIGE at the EU Agencies network of head of communications. EIGE will lead a session on strategic foresight and the role of communicators.

  • Gender mainstreaming in public policy and budgeting project

    A project supported by the DG REFORM in collaboration with Expertise France (EF) in partnership with European University Institute (EUI). EIGE supports with the workshop on gender budgeting and will run a session on how to develop quantitative and quality gender-responsive budgeting indicators for advancing gender equality in the context of EU Funds' interventions.

  • Meeting with the Ambassador of Hungary

    EIGE's director, Carlien Scheele, will be meeting with Hungary's ambassador, H.E. Mr. Gábor Diczházi, in preparation for the upcoming country visit.

  • High level Conference on LGBTIQ Equality in the European Union

    Speaking at a High-level Conference on LGBTIQ Equality in the European Union organised by the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, EIGE’s Communication Team Leader Christiane Rossbach alongside a panel of experts, brought in the gender perspective in a commentary with a focus on LGBTIQ youth and education.

  • Gender Equality Conference - College of Europe

    The conference, organised by The Student Association for Gender Equality (SAGE), will focus on the theme "Women in war, women in peace". EIGE's Director, Carlien Scheele, will attend as a speaker to highlight EIGE's work on the topic.

  • UNECE Side Event: Gender-Responsiveness in Partnerships for the Goals (SDG 17): Tools, Strategies, and Approaches

    This session from the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe builds on a previous Learning Session “Achieving gender equality: measuring progress and advocating for systems change”. The expected outcomes of the session include the application of the shared tools, strategies, and approaches as a means to strengthen partnerships for the goals in gender-responsive ways. EIGE researcher Irene Rioboo will attend...

  • Workshop on digital platform work: the implications for occupational safety and health

    This hybrid workshop organised by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work will bring together experts and policy-makers at the EU and Member State levels to discuss platform work implications for occupational safety and health. EIGE's Research Officer, Vytautas Peciukonis, will present results from EIGE's survey of platform workers.

  • CSW67 NGO Forum webinar on online gender-based violence

    One of the side-events of the Commisson on the Status of Women (CSW) will be EuroMed's webinar on 'Online gender-based violence and shared strategies of resistance: Testimonies from women across the EU-MENA region'. EIGE's gender-based violence team leader, Cristina Fabre and seconded national expert Eleonora Esposito will participate as panellists.

  • Eurostat working group on criminal and crime statistics

    The Eurostat working group on crime and criminal justice statistics will hold its annual meeting. Gender-based Violence Team Leader, Cristina Fabre, will present EIGE's work done on VAW administrative data collection and the new data collection exercise.