On 18-19 September 2013 EIGE is organising an Online discussion on quality assurance mechanisms for gender training in the European Union. The discussion is held as a part of a two-year project Gender Training in the European Union: Mapping, Research and Stakeholders’ Engagement (2012-2013). 
Aim, rationale and key questions of the online discussion
In the last years the issue of quality standards of gender training has given rise to rich debates among gender trainers, commissioning authorities and academic researchers. 
Participants in EIGE’s first online discussion and the 2012 conference on gender training suggested people’s competence to integrate gender considerations is an essential prerequisite for the successful implementation of gender mainstreaming. They also stressed that establishing quality standards could give legitimacy to training programmes and address the resistance gender trainers meet when they deliver training programmes. However, others have pointed out that establishing commonly agreed standards is challenging as gender training is highly contextualised; methods, approaches and concepts should be tailored to participants’ needs.
Taking these views into consideration, the second online discussion will examine:
Why is there a need for quality standards of gender training? What is the problem that quality assurance would seek to address?
What quality assurance mechanisms are in place at national and international level to standardise the quality of training, and how are they implemented?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to standardisation of training?
Does certification present a real option? How can we improve the quality of training in the European Union?
Participating in the discussion
This online discussion is primarily directed at gender training practitioners. We are hoping to create a space where gender trainers can share their views and first hand experiences of quality standards and certification procedures. 
If you are willing to participate please send an e-mail to Gt.online_discussion@ghkint.com no later than 3rd September.