The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) is organising a meeting of officials from enlargement countries that will take place on 12 June 2013 in the premises of the Council of the European Union in Brussels.

EIGE plays an important role in supporting the work of the EU and the Member States in the area of equality between women and men. This meeting is organised in the context of EIGE’s Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) project “Preparatory Measures for the participation of candidate countries and potential candidates in EIGE’s work”, and is funded by the European Union.

The aim of the meeting is to present EIGE’s mission, structure and mandate; to create space for sharing good practices and experiences from enlargement countries in the implementation of gender equality and gender mainstreaming by the governments of enlargement countries; and to build further cooperation with EIGE and enlargement countries in the area of gender equality.

The meeting will serve as a platform for discussion and consultation on a number of selected issues:

  • discussing challenges of integrating gender equality policies in each candidate and potential candidate country's accession process;
  • identifying needs and expectations of the officials from the administration of enlargement countries and exploring ways/forms of further cooperation with EIGE in the area of gender equality;
  • discussing ways of including collection of information from enlargement countries into EIGE’s research projects in order to enhance communication and information sharing between enlargement countries, EIGE and EU Member States;
  • identifying and developing synergies between already developed projects and existing research in the area of gender equality in enlargement countries with EIGE’s work;
  • discussing ways of involving other relevant stakeholders at the national or local level working in the area of gender equality in enlargement countries in EIGE’s work.

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