The purpose of this event is to discuss the problems related to under-appreciation of care in the fields of medicine and environment. To warm up the discussion Aistė Bartkienė will present some ideas from her research on “The Perspective of the Ethics of Care in Bioethics”. We hope that presentation can help to find further collaborations on gender stereotypes related to caring for patients and environment, equality between man and women in medical sphere and understanding mechanisms of violence towards women in bioethical field.


The event will be focused on discussion of the possibilities of embedding the alternate paradigm in bioethics, which helps to re-imagine bioethics in terms of relationality and interdependency.

Speaker: Dr. Aistė Bartkienė, who is currently a postdoctoral scholar, a position funded by the European Union Structural Funds project “Postdoctoral Fellowship Implementation in Lithuania” and administered by the Research Council of Lithuania. She received her Ph.D. in philosophy from Vilnius University in Lithuania, in 2012. During her doctoral and post-doctoral research she has pursued a number of interdisciplinary projects that led her to reading and engaging with the works of renowned scholars from New York University and British Columbia University (National Core for Neuroethics).