Thematic Panel Debates 

  • representing various viewpoints – from expert knowledge and leaders to the fresh perspectives of young generations 
  • Max 75 minutes
  • livestreamed 
  • possible sign language interpretation
  • moderated, with questions from the audience
  • goal: debating the most pressing gender equality challenges in the EU 
  • Panels should have no more than three speakers; an experienced moderator should facilitate the discussion.

Inspirational Talks  

  • 10-15-minute presentations (supported by visual displays on screens)
  • livestreamed for online participants
  • general introduction to the session, no moderation 
  • possible sign language interpretation
  • focus on issues linked to thematic strands of the Forum 
  • goal: to engage and inspire the audience and give impetus for the panel discussions

Gender Equality Open Space   

  • participants include voices from politics, civil society organisations, human rights defenders, international and regional organisations, businesses, journalists, activists, academics, artists, influencers
  • 10 participants per table
  • the selection of participants will follow an intergenerational approach and bring new perspectives to the table
  • moderated discussion 
  • no sign language interpretation
  • two short impulse statements at the beginning of each table (max 2 minutes each) 
  • 20 minutes, then switch tables
  • no livestream
  • goal: encourage dialogue among participants, giving a seat at the table to a diverse group of participants (one of the key promises of the Forum)

Chat & Chill

  • fireside chat type of session in a relaxed setting with a distinguished guest (e.g., head of an EU institution or a CSO, artist, renowned academic, author/journalist, corporate CEO)
  • an interviewer will introduce the guest and will have a conversation with them the guest will present their work in connection to the respective thematic strand
  • followed by a brief Q&A session
  • 20 minutes
  • possible sign language interpretation
  • the selection of people is linked to the key thematic strands of the Forum participants will have the chance to interact with the guest after the chat
  • goal: to facilitate networking, inspire and bring people from different areas together

The Pitch 

  • opportunity for participants to present their projects, share best practices
  • provides a stage for organisations to share information about cooperation opportunities with potential partners
  • moderator will introduce the speakers to present their work, explain why it is important, in relation to the respective thematic strand
  • 15-minute presentation by guests (supported by visual displays on screens), followed by a brief Q&A session
  • possible sign language interpretation
  • participants will have the chance to interact with the guests after the presentation
  • goal: foster cooperation and networking between participants


  • practical demonstrations of ‘how to achieve gender equality in practice’ real-life and best practice examples relating to the key thematic strands of the Forum
  • 60 minutes, including a brief Q&A
  • registration needed for in-person participants
  • livestreamed, recorded, and released as one of the outputs of the Forum 
  • possible sign language interpretation
  • goal: inspire and educate participants for their own work

Podcast sessions

  • Sound bite interviews and conversations with guest speakers can be recorded on site and form part of the ‘behind-the-scenes' episodes of the podcast.
  • Live recordings of sessions may be used for EIGE’s impending podcast. We would take the audio component of each session and use it for the EGEF2024 episodes in EIGE’s podcast. 
  • These will not be released in real-time as we will be covered with social media posts as well as the live recordings themselves. The episodes in the podcast series will be a post-Forum output. 
  • Max 15 minutes each
  • Subtitles available after publishing

Visual Impact: Gender equality looks like....

For example

  • Short videos (10-15 minutes)
  • Documentaries
  • Full-length films (up to 90-minutes)
  • Photography/image collections – propose adequate formats (e.g. slideshows, individual files, video presentations)
  • Artworks, installations, or other performances
  • Goal: approach the topic of gender equality from a different perspective, to inspire participants and add an element of entertainment to the Forum programme