G-NET (Gender Equality Training Network: EU Contributions to Gender Mainstreaming and Citizenship) organises the G-NET Summit 2017, the final conference of this network of European and Latin American universities which develops contents and teaching on European Integration and Gender.

Experts on gender will provide their knowledge on the introduction of the gender mainstreaming in the public policies and university structures.

The Summit programme is directed to researchers, lecturers of Higher Education Institutions, Research Performing Organisations, authorities, politicians and technicians working for public policies and Higher Education Institutions.

Open call for communications

G-NET invites to submit communications on the following tracks:

  • Regional integration and tools for the gender equality policies development
  • Sectoral policies using gender mainstreaming: employment, gender-based violence, women entrepreneurship, education, science and technology, personal and family rights, inclusive citizenship and balanced representation


  • Deadline for communications reception: until 10th December 2016
  • Notification of accepted communications: 15th January 2017

More information can be bound at http://www.gendertraining.eu/eventos/summit/