The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) invites you to participate in an online discussion on how to tackle and address gender statistics gaps within the framework of EU policies. The event takes place on EuroGenderthe 15 June, 10.00 am - 16.00 CEST.

Click here to access the online discussion page. 

If you have an expertise in gender statistics and/or data collection on gender equality, you are invited to join this online discussion. Particular focus will be given to the following areas:

·         Migration: Accurate, timely, sex disaggregated and internationally comparable statistics are needed to assist migrants effectively, and to counter common misperceptions that only serve to postpone urgently needed political and humanitarian responses.

·         Intersecting inequalities: Statistics on intersecting inequalities aim to examine gender gaps in specific groups in comparison to the overall population. For example, intersectionality can help us to better understand when and where migrants are in the most vulnerable situations, in order to establish priorities on gender sensitive policies.

·         Power: There are currently no suitable data on social power understood as an access to positions of power in the fields of science and technology, academia, media, religious organizations or civil society.

·         Health: Although there is quite a bit of data on health behaviours available it is still a challenge to assess what health/risk behaviour related data would be most gender-sensitive, and display the situation for both women and men, possibly for different age groups as behaviours tend to change over a person’s life-cycle.

EIGE’s gender experts and statisticians will be facilitating the online discussion and will be answering further questions related to current data available within EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database.

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Please note that registration to the online discusson is possible until 9.30 CEST. Afterwards, please just join the online discussion event directly here. Only signed in EuroGender members can actually post comments.