EIGE’s Director, Carlien Scheele, participates in a number of interventions throughout the year.

From high level political meetings to international conferences, she addresses priority areas related to gender equality based on EIGE’s evidence.

Statistics and stories go hand in hand. See EIGE’s Director in action as she brings the latest evidence to life in key events.  

Carlien Scheele's CV

Carlien Scheele is the Director of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) in Vilnius, Lithuania. EIGE is EU’s knowledge center on Gender Equality. By providing reliable and policy-oriented data and information, it supports the EU and its Member States to strengthen the promotion of gender equality.

At EIGE’s helm since February 2020, she oversees the Institute's strategic programmes of activities and budgets. Ms Scheele aims to cement EIGE’s position as the EU’s knowledge centre on gender equality and deepen collaboration within and beyond Europe.

Before taking up her post at EIGE, Ms Scheele worked as a Senior Gender Equality Adviser/Senior Human Resources Adviser in the Council of Europe, seconded from the Dutch government.

Previously, she worked as the Director for Gender and LGBT Equality for the Dutch government, where she coordinated the national gender and LGBT equality policies.


  • The importance of active listening to help galvanise the youth to be architects of change

    The youth were the hardest hit by the socio-economic impacts of the pandemic, according to EIGE’s research. EIGE Director Carlien Scheele addressed how the generation of tomorrow can be better equipped for the future at the Europe of Tomorrow conference in Prague on 3 October 2022… Good morning. It’s a pleasure to be here with you all today. In person, no less.

  • How we can successfully avoid paying the high price of gender inequality

    Although we have made progress, inequality remains widespread. And it comes at a price. Director Carlien Scheele identified the high price we face if we do not achieve gender equality by presenting EIGE’s research on how we can overcome these remaining challenges at ETUI-ETUC’s conference: “A Blueprint for Equality”, held in Brussels on 24 June 2022. If we work together, we can overcome inequality.

  • Equality bodies: How do they strengthen gender equality?

    Equality bodies enhance protection against discrimination and promote equality across Europe, but what role do equality bodies play in strengthening gender equality? Director Carlien Scheele discussed EIGE’s work on the effectiveness of the equality bodies for gender equality and gender mainstreaming in the EU at the “Equality Bodies and Gender Equality – A Growing Role” conference held by Equinet in Paris on 3 June 2022.

  • The differing impacts of work-life balance on women and men during the pandemic

    Lack of adequate childcare, structural barriers, and societal ideas about what women’s work should look like contributed to pushing 7.7 million women out of the workforce across the EU. And this was even before the pandemic hit. Director Carlien Scheele presented EIGE’s latest research on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the work and family responsibilities of women and men differently at the High-level Conference on Work-Life balance as a leverage for women’s empowerment and promoting gender equality, organised by the Italian Minister of Equal Opportunities and Family and the Council of Europe in Rome on 12 April 2022.

  • Artificial intelligence and gender equality

    Does Artificial Intelligence help or hinder the fight for gender equality? EIGE’s Director Carlien Scheele delved deeper into this digital dilemma and presented EIGE’s latest research on AI during a webinar held by the S&D Working Group on Artificial Intelligence and Gender Equality on 30 March 2022. Good Afternoon Artificial Intelligence has permeated almost all aspect of our lives. And this is just the beginning.

  • Gender equality and the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

    EIGE's Director Carlien Scheele delivered this speech at an event on gender equality and the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic hosted by the General Secretariat of the Council on 8 March 2022. Good afternoon everybody, It is good to be here today to mark International Women’s Day with you, and to share with you our latest data on the ongoing impact of Covid-19 on gender equality.

  • Covid-19 and gender equality

    EIGE's Director Carlien Scheele gave these opening remarks the event on Covid-19 and its impact on gender equality organised by Luxembourg's Ministry for Equality Between Women and Men on 7 March 2022. She emphasised the need to put gender equality at the heart of economic recovery and outlined ways EIGE will support this​. Transcript Good morning dear ministers, bonjour. This time last year, I was congratulating the Ministry for Equality between Women and Men for launching Luxembourg’s very own national Observatoire de l’Egalité.

  • Early childhood, when everything begins

    EIGE's Director Carlien Scheele delivered this speech at a ministerial conference on the European Child Guarantee, organised by the French presidency of the EU 2022 on 4 March 2022. When we speak about early childhood, we need to start by looking at the parents and guardians. What choices do they make? How do current laws enable them to take care of children raised in a family while leading fulfilling lives outside the home, and how do they make it tricky?

  • An ambitious future for Europe's women after COVID-19: mental load, gender equality in teleworking and unpaid care work after the pandemic

    EIGE's Director Carlien Scheele delivered this speech at European Parliement's Inter-Parliamentary Committee Meeting on 3 March 2022. The topic of the meeting was "An ambitious future for Europe's women after COVID-19: mental load, gender equality in teleworking and unpaid care work after the pandemic". Good morning all, Early last year, while we were in the depths of the second wave of the corona pandemic, the European Parliament called for the “right to disconnect” from work.

  • Women and Men in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2021

    EIGE's Director Carlien Scheele delivered this video speech at a promotional event for the publication Women and Men in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2021. The hybrid event was organised in Sarajevo on 15 February 2022 by UN Women Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Agency for Gender Equality of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • The economy of the future: How can the EU ensure gender equality?

    EIGE's Director Carlien Scheele delivered this speech at Ministers' Round Table on Equality forum, which was a part of the conference Women's economic empowerment: key to gender equality hosted by the French European Union Council Presidency on 31 January 2022. Good morning dear ministers and dear colleagues, As you know, the European Parliament just elected its third female president. To mark this occasion, I would like to start my address to you today with some words from the first ever woman to lead the European Parliament, who said: