Example 11: Launching gender equality action plans

Action Plans on gender mainstreaming in Ministerial and Regional policies in Greece

The General Secretariat for Gender Equality is responsible to implement gender equality policies within the government. After years of failed gender mainstreaming strategies the Secretariat decided to integrate the idea of gender equality simultaneously to all sectors by developing a Gender Mainstreaming Action plan.

Questions and answers

  • What does the example show?
    All different ministries of Greece have their own action plan to implement gender mainstreaming concerning different fields of activity and responsibility.
  • Which components of the example relate to one or more of the 13 steps of the guide and how?
    The guide states action plans as fundamental to a successful implementation of gender mainstreaming. Every unit should have his own action plan concerning the respective field of activity.
  • Why is the example suitable for promoting institutional transformation?
    The example is promising insofar as gender mainstreaming is explicitly outlined within all different fields of activity and not only mentioned as an overall principle. The General Secretariat for Gender Equality works as a supervisor taking care that gender mainstreaming is implemented simultaneously to all public policies. While every single ministry is responsible to implement gender mainstreaming the GSGE remains responsible for development, coordination and monitoring.
  • What was the example’s line of action?
    After one gender mainstreaming strategy failed the “indication of the financial, social and development character of gender equality issues” has been set as a main goal.
  • Who was involved and in which way?
    The General Secretariat for Gender Equality is the main coordinator and works as supervisor; all ministries are responsible for their own field of action.
  • Which lesson can be learned in terms of success factors?
    “The principle of gender equality is not a luxury” is said on the homepage. The example of Greece can show us that gender mainstreaming become even more important in times of crisis, because always weaker parts of population are stronger affected by social eruptions.