Example 10: Establishing a gender information management system

The Gender Knowledge Platform of the GIZ

The Gender Knowledge Platform offers a wide range of information on Gender in Development cooperation. It uses interactive elements as well as different media like videos and podcasts. There is a gender quiz as well as a wiki clarifying on concepts. In regard to knowledge management the sub sector on gender mainstreaming is of special interest because it provides a wide range of publication on various issues and sectors.

Also material on the wider policy framework is given - for example on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and international as well as regional conventions providing the legal framework.

Questions and answers

  • What does the example show?
    It is shown by the example how information about gender and gender projects can be organized within an online and simple accessible management system. It is a good service for staff looking for more information or gender statistics. Therefore it stimulates learning in a playful and appealing way and contributes to an organisational culture which is actively promoting gender equality.

    It also addresses the wider public by using an understandable language and offering interactive tools and videos.

  • Why is the example suitable for promoting institutional transformation?
    The GIZ Gender Knowledge Platform shows clearly how multifaceted such a platform can be. Different applications allow all persons who have access the platform to inform themselves in a manner regarding their individual level of knowledge and interest.
  • Who was involved and in which way?
    The GIZ Gender Knowledge Platform is published by the Sector Program Promoting Gender Equality and Women’s Rights. It was created on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development; Division for Human Rights; Gender; Culture and Development.


Subsector on gender mainstreaming with further material:

Read more on genderingermandevelopment.net


Intranet platform of the department for equal opportunities in Italy

“Structural Transformation to Achieve Gender Equality in Science” is a project that has been financed by the DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission within the Seven Framework Research Programme. Its aim was to increase the participation and career advancement of women researchers. On its website offer an intranet platform with material and documents on several topics.

  • What does the example show?
    The intranet platform of the project offers information on gender equality in general as well as on current projects. Particularly human resource management should be optimized with help of the intranet. The platform also uses twitter for updated information.
  • Why is the example suitable for promoting institutional transformation?
    The Stage project combines information on gender equality with aspects of project management.
  • What was the example’s line of action?
    The intranet can be used to stay updated on current events or to watch out for resources or persons within the same field of action. Specific functions allow the user to get information for example on action plans or exchange documents with other users.ww
  • Who was involved and in which way?
    The project was founded by the DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission. A consortium of several university and research institution all over Europe ran the project.
  • Which lesson can be learned in terms of success factors?
    The intranet platform is notably because people can not only get information on gender mainstreaming within these field but they can also interact with other users. Connecting people makes this kind of platform much more sustainable.


Kuhl, Mara (2007): Gender Mainstreaming in Estonia:

Read more on kbv.org