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V National Plan to Prevent and Combat Domestic and Gender-based Violence

The V PNPCVDG is specifically based on the assumptions of the Istanbul Convention, expanding its implementation scope, until then limited to domestic violence, to other forms of gender-based violence, such as female genital mutilation and sexual assault.

Therefore, the V PNPCVDG aims to delineate strategies for the protection of victims, the intervention with perpetrators, the improvement of the knowledge about the related phenomena and respective prevention, the qualification of the professionals involved and the strengthening of the support structures network for the assistance of victims existing in the country, consolidating the work that has been done in the field, namely in the scope of domestic violence.

Following this understanding, the III Programme of Action for the Prevention and Elimination of Female Genital Mutilation 2014-2017, which aims to combat one of the most serious violations of human rights committed against girls and women, becomes an integral part of the V PNPCVDG.

The plan has 5 strategic intervention areas i) - Prevention, Awareness-raising and Education; ii) Protection of Victims and Promotion of their Social Integration; iii) Intervention with the Perpetrators; iv) Training and Qualification for Professionals; v) Investigation and Monitoring, according to 55 measures, and the objective is to present an integrated response to domestic violence in Portugal, in accordance with European and International guide lines.