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III National Plan to Prevent and Combat Trafficking in Human Beings 2014-2017

The III National Plan to Prevent and Combat Trafficking in Human Beings 2014-2017 was approved by the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 101/2013, of 31 December.

Trafficking in human beings is one of the most serious violations of human rights. It is a complex reality, transnational in most cases, often committed within the framework of criminal organisations, which prey on vulnerabilities and weaknesses of trafficked persons. It is important to underline that the III PNPCTSH intends to incorporate the recommendations addressed to the Portuguese State within the report on the implementation of the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings, approved in 2013 by the Committee of the Parties.

The III PNPCTSH particularly aims to strengthen the victims’ referral and protection mechanisms, to improve the cooperation and coordination between public entities and civil society organisations involved, and to adapt the national answer to the new challenges, in particular to the new forms of trafficking and recruitment. The Plan is divided into 5 strategic intervention areas: i) Prevention, Awareness-raising, Acknowledgement and Investigation; ii) Education, Training and Qualification; iii) Protection, Intervention and Capacity building; iv) Criminal Investigation; v) Cooperation. It comprises 53 measures. This plan expresses a global and integrated vision concerning the fight against human trafficking by establishing an essential link with the V National Plan against Domestic Violence 2014-2017 and the V National Plan for Gender Equality, Citizenship and Non-Discrimination 2014-2017.