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Government Resolution No. 1004/2010 (I. 21.) National Strategy for the Promotion of Gender Equality - Guidelines and Objectives 2010-2021

1004/2010. (I. 21.) Korm. határozat a Nők és Férfiak TársadalmiEgyenlőségét Elősegítő Nemzeti Stratégia – Irányok és Célok 2010–2021

The Strategy provides an analysis of current social situation arranged in six thematic areas and then foresees measures in these strategic areas: economic equality between women and men including pay gap, women and poverty, gender and health; work-life balance and equality in undertaking household and care duties; inequality of representation of women and men in political, economic and science decision making positions; violence against women including domestic violence, sexual violence, sexual harassment, prostitution, trafficking and pornography; gender stereotypes in education and media; gender mainstreaming in policy making including the national machinery, capacity building, gender budgeting and statistics. It also defines the mechanisms of its implementation, monitoring and evaluation.