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Plan régional stratégique pour l'égalité entre les femmes et les hommes. Région Bretagne

Unofficial title in English: 
Regional Gender Equality Strategic Plan

Adopted in the same conditions as in the Ile-de France Regions, this document nonetheless reflects the specific features of GE policies in Brittany: a strong involvement of CSOs, a strong commitment of local self governements and administrations around this issue and the priority given to a specific approach over gender mainstreaming. Following instructions designed at the State level, however, this GE action plan provides a new frame for the implementation of gender mainstreaming, with the participation of 29 State administrations at the regional level around 65 concrete actions planned in three main areas :
- enhancing the production of sex-disaggregated data
- strengthening the exemplary role of the State as an employer
- mainstreaming GE in policies, with two main areas of intervention: GE in terms of participation to professional, social, economical and political life (1) and the promotion of women's rights and the fight against GBV (2)

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Regional Delegate for Women's Rights and Gender Equality


Préfecture de la RégionBretagne