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Наръчник за добри практики от чуждестранен опит по прилагането на интерирания подход за равно третиране на половете (Gender Mainstreaming) (Проект “

Unofficial title in English: 
Best Practices Manual: International Experience of Application of the Gender Mainstreaming Approach (Project "Increasing capacity of public administration to mainstream gender in national policies and programs" " VS/2010/0596, financed in the framework of the Programme PROGRESS)

Different education modules dedicated to increasing the capacity of the administration to apply the gender mainstreaming approach. The modules include "European and national policies on gender equality," "Best Practices Manual from international experience of applying the gender mainstreaming approach," "Arguments for applying the gender mainstreaming approach," and "Gender budgeting."
The trainings have been realised in the framework of the PROGRESS programme. This training has been necessary because of the then-recent change in government (2009) and shifts in the state administration personnel. Thus, the training was targeted at newly elected deputy ministers (members of the National Council for Equal Opportunities of Women and Men with the Council of Ministers) and at key experts from the state administration – people from the Strategic Planning Departments and the Human Resources Departments of the respective ministries. The training was obligatory for the nominated persons (nominated by each ministry, but the rule was: 1 from the Strategic Planning Department, one from Human Resources and one more (this is the “key contact” then). Forty-five people (3x15 ministries) were trained. There were four modules for these 45 people, done within two full days of training. There were two modules for the members of the National Council for Equal Opportunities of Women and Men with the Council of Ministers – one in the beginning and one in the end of the project. The results are assessed as rather positive, as these people are still working on these positions and thus are carriers of the knowledge from the training.


Equal Opportunities, Antidiscrimination and Social Benefits Unit of the Policy on Disability, Equal Opportunities and Social Care Department at the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP) within with the PROGRESS Programme