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Promoting Gender Equality in Science

Funding body

EU structural Funds

Aims and objectives

Lithuanian Academy of Sciences launched the project “Promoting Gender Equality in Science”. The main goal was to create a structural framework for the implementation of the principles of gender equality in Lithuanian education system, in order to increase the number of female scientists at the highest academic, scientific and educational management levels and in natural and technological sciences. National project was aimed to carry out suggestions to improve legislation regulating science, including scientific research, and studies. The comprehensive analysis of the current legal situation, existing means to assure gender equality will be used to introduce the gender mainstreaming aspects in the following strategic document in science and research policy.

Results and impact

The international conference Promoting Gender Equality in Science was held in Vilnius on 20 of November 2012. During the conference the results obtained implementing Lithuanian National project "Promoting Gender Equality in Science" (LYMOS) were presented . Within the project , recommendations for scientific and educational institutions on women and men equal opportunities were developed

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Ministry of Education and Science and the Lithuanian science academy

Contact: Aims and objectives: The training has been realised by the NGO Center for Women's Studies and Policies (CWSP) for the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. The aim was to increase the knowledge of civil servants on gender equality and gender mainstreaming in anticipation of B


seminars, conferences, preparation of recommendations