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Integrētās pieejas dzimumu līdztiesības veicināšanai īstenošana valsts pārvaldē

Unofficial title in English: 
Facilitation of implementation of Gender Mainstreaming in state administration

Aims and objectives

Concept Paper on Gender Equality Implementation (2001) states that in order to facilitate adaption of Gender Mainstreaming in all areas of state administration education of experts and civil servants on gender equality issues is needed to be provided by State Administration School in cooperation with Ministry of Welfare

Results and impact

The Informative report on the implementation of Programme for implementation of gender equality 2007-2010 lists fallowing activities as results of capacity building: 1) training programme for civil servants about GM in policy development elaborated and 6 training courses conducted at the State Administration School and ministries; 4 civil servants undergone train the trainer programme on GM and gender budgeting in Scandinavian countries; 45 seminars for civil servants involved in administration of EU structural funds were conducted by the Ministry of Welfare.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Ministry of Welfare, State Administration School



Implementation of training programme on GE issues, implementation of GM training programme, training of civil servants and employees of state institutions on GE and GM issues