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Rete Pari Opportunità

Unofficial title in English: 
Equal Opportunity Network

Aims and objectives

This is a platform for the elaboration and exchange of information, planning experiences and good practice among equal opportunities players
The main characteristic of the NETWORK is the virtual linking up, through the website, of the actors of GE and GM at national level that, in their respective fields, institutional and otherwise, are involved in planning, implementation and assessment activities for equality initiatives. Aims of the network are to: support gender mainstreaming and equal opportunities actions; to create a comprehensive data base, accessible to both equal opportunities players and the general public; to organise all equal opportunities players so as to preserve and disseminate the know-how available locally; to disseminate, exchange and reproduce equal opportunities initiatives and good practices carried out in different territorial contexts.

Results and impact

The network is the main national web reference on GE and GM in Italy. It enriches the information on the site of the DEO and it allows to find information on a regional level that would be otherwise difficult to find. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface that allows its use to the general public and not only to experts in the field.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Equal Opportunities Department


Production of information on seminars, conferences, working groups and specialised documentation; exchanging project experiences, sharing working tools and operative methodologies; specialised technical assistance to implement gender mainstreaming and to carry out the initiatives co-financed by European Structural Funds.