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PER.FOR.MA.GE 'Percorsi formativi al mainstreaming di genere'

Unofficial title in English: 
Training programs on gender mainstreaming'

Aims and objectives

The project was funded within the EU programme PROGRESS. Main objectives of the project are: to promote awareness within the public administration on the principle of gender mainstreaming; to develop and improve the knowledge on gender issues of key stakeholders at the national level; to create a training course for the civil servants involved in decision-making and policy implementation.

Results and impact

Realisation of a training course at national and regional level Publication of a manual; realisation of a final conference to raise awareness on the topic. However, it was a stand-alone project and there's no evidence on what extent the skills transferred during the programme have been taken into account by policy makers after it.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Equal Opportunities Department


The training programme involved three modules of activities: development of legislation on gender equality; implementation of a gender culture within public administration; and implementation of gender budgeting. After the course, a manual on GM methods targeted on civil servants at local and national level have been published.