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AGIRE POR 2007-2013 gemellaggi con Amministrazioni pubbliche operanti nel territorio nazionale e comunitario per il rafforzamento delle capacità e delle conoscenze delle Regioni "Convergenza" attraverso il trasferimento di buone pratiche nell'ambito dell

Unofficial title in English: 
AGIRE 2007-2013 POR twinning partnerships between local public administrations to strengthen the skills and knowledge of the southern regions through the transfer of good practices in gender equality policies

Aims and objectives

AGIRE is targeted at civil servants, and activates joint activities between regional public administrations regarding GE/GM best practices on several topics such as: quality of life services; female entrepreneurship; assessment from a gender perspective; organizational and management models with a gender approach; women’s social issues (Trafficking and Female Genital Mutilation); prevention of different forms of discrimination; as well as social inclusion and employment of migrant women. The aim of the project is to promote the exchange of information regarding good practices between local governments that have had significant, innovative and replicable experiences in the fields of GE and GM (namely regions in the North of Italy) and local governments lacking experience or practice in these areas (namely southern regions). This project aims at skill-building through the exchange of expertise between peers under the coordination of the Department of Equal Opportunities. It seeks to enhance the tools developed during the previous programming period (2000-2006) in those regions that have not met the national standard.

Results and impact

The project is still ongoing and there's no monitoring reports available. However, to date it's the only national method on GM developed on FSE funds which involves also the northern regions.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Equal Opportunities Department



The Department for Equal Opportunities has the function of supporting the administrations involved in the presentation of a proposal for twinning partnership, identifying specific needs in the territories of the Convergence objective regions and researching and selecting possible bidders Administrations.