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Women and Men in Ireland

Aims and objectives

To provide gender disaggregated data that would inform evidence-based pollicy making.

Results and impact

The 76 indicators were chosen because they help to: i) Identify important gender differences in the activities of men and women, ii) Assist users to identify the underlying reasons that explain these differences, and iii) Present the situation in Ireland in an international context. The reports are received favourably, resulting in the continuation of their production. It is no known to what extent, the reports are used in policy making.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Central Statistics Office



Production of regular reports, using 76 indicators, on the status of women and men in Ireland in relation to a range of situations and circumstances, including employment, social cohesion, education, health, crime and transport. The report also contextualises the status of women and men in Ireland in the international context.

Additional information

Periodicity: Annual