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Gender Impact Assessment

Unofficial title in English: 
Gender Impact Assessment

Aims and objectives

To measure the impact according to gender of all measures contained in the National Development Plan, 2000-2006 with a view to mainstreaming a gender perspective in all measures, thus promoting gender equality.

Results and impact

Reviews of the NDP, 2000-2006 do not report on the implementation of the GIAs. Research carried out by a policy expert who had been employed in the gender equality infrastructure reveals that 50% of the GIAs returned provided data on step 1 of the 3-step assessment. 27% provided some analysis in reaction to step 2. 23% stated that they would undertake an action to actively promote gender equality.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Department of Justice Equality and Law Reform on behalf of the government of Ireland



The GIA comprises a three-step evaluation of the majority of NDP spending measures. 1. Project implementers were asked to outline the current position of men and women in the area which the expenditure activity was targeted to address. 2. The question was posed as to what factors lead to women and men being affected differentially in the area being addressed by this expenditure activity. 3. Finally, projects implementers were asked to identify how the factors which lead to women and men being affected differentially can be addressed and changed.