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A nők és férfiak helyzetére vonatkozó statisztikák gyűjtése és közzététele

Unofficial title in English: 
The collection and dissemination of statistics on the situation of women and men

Aims and objectives

The XLVI/1993 law on Statistics defines the procedure of data collection, management and protection for the Hungarian Central Statistical Office including sex-disaggregated data collection.

Results and impact

The annual statistical pocketbook "Women and men in Hungary" was published for several years jointly by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office and the ministry responsible for gender equality. It also became available online on the ministry's website. Currently the only publisher is the Hungarian Central Statistical Office that does not make the publication available online for free. The latest publication is on year 2011 released in March 2013.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Hungarian Central Statistical Office


The Hungarian Central Statistical Office collects, analyses and disseminates gender-statistics continuously. It publishes these data on its website and also in a series of Statistical Yearbooks entitled "Women and men in Hungary".